Beyond the Dream

Beyond the Dream by Thomas Hora, M.D. was published in 1996, and although old by some standards, it is a timeless piece of work that is highly relevant to anyone on a spiritual path today.  Dr. Hora had a psychiatric practice in New York, where he had many followers because of the uniqueness and profoundness of his work.  He presented himself as an existential metapsychiatrist, which may sound esoteric, but is descriptive of his attempt to bring together psychiatric, psychological, religious, and spiritual concepts.  Dr. Hora was widely read in most of the world’s religions so he quotes from the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, Tao De Jing, and Buddhist literature.  I consider him to be a pioneer in his emphasis on harmonizing psychiatry, psychology, religion, and spirituality at a time when most other professionals in his field completely shunned anything religious or spiritual.  His definition of God as Love/Intelligence and his acronym PAGL, which stands for Peace, Assurance, Gratitude and Love, are powerful truths still influencing my thinking today.

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