I owe it to you, the reader, to lay out what I believe so you know what underlies all of the content on this blog.  One’s philosophy is really an expression of one’s core beliefs.  You may disagree with me on most every belief I hold, and if you do, then you can choose knowledgeably whether to read on or not.  

 I believe:

  1. There is a higher Consciousness which is totally, unequivocally and everlastingly extending goodness, harmony, peace and joy.  It is the Source of our existence.  Anything which fades, decays, dies, divides, changes or destroys does not arise from this Consciousness.
  2. All human consciousness is one with this Consciousness and has never been and will never be separated from It.  Therefore, the link between human consciousness and Consciousness is always present and accessible whether people are aware of the link or not. 
  3. Human consciousness has an awareness of this Oneness, but this awareness is blocked most of the time by fear.
  4. Human consciousness is either in a state of fearfulness or fearlessness and all thought, perception, emotion, and action arise from one state or the other.
  5. Fearlessness is the true expression of higher Consciousness, whereas fearfulness is an expression of the mistaken belief that we are separated from our Source and are on our own.
  6. Fearlessness can only be experienced by trusting in the eternal, unchangeable, ever-extending benevolence of Consciousness.
  7. Joy, peace, gratitude, contentment, and all similar human emotions with their associated behavioral expressions arise from a state of fearlessness.
  8. Hate, anger, guilt, insecurity, resentment, and all similar human emotions with their associated behavioral expressions arise from a state of fearfulness.
  9. Each human being has an individual thought system, most of which overlaps with others.
  10. Beliefs are the energizing force that activates fearfulness or fearlessness.
  11. Invalid beliefs energize fearfulness, whereas, valid beliefs energize fearlessness.
  12. Identifying invalid beliefs, releasing them, and replacing them with valid beliefs is the way to living fearlessly.
  13. All human behavior is either a gift or a plea, depending on whether the behavior arises from fearlessness or fearfulness.                                                                                                                                                                                            These beliefs have evolved over my adult lifespan through study, research, personal experiences, professional training, and truth-seeking.  I no longer affiliate with organized religion, but rather draw upon the original teachings of the great masters, particularly those of Jesus and Buddha.  I look at their teachings through the lens of a psychologist and scientist/clinician, and I find them to be outstanding for promoting what matters most—peace, harmony, gratitude, kindness, generosity, joy, and understanding.