An Untroubled Mind

In my previous post, “The Only Mistake You Make,” I wrote about judgment and learning to suspend judgment as a step toward relinquishing it.  Suspending judgment is equivalent to being… Read More

Lesson Learned

This morning I went on a walk with a long-time friend who also happens to be a very successful businessman.  As we walked, we got into a discussion about some… Read More

The Only Mistake You Make

In today’s increasingly complex and divisive world, making decisions appears to be more difficult than ever.  There seem to be so many shades of gray, that in order to maintain… Read More

The Order of Things

The other day, a friend of mine told me he thought there were two kinds of people in the world–the chaotic and the orderly.  He, being an orderly person, implied… Read More

Finding the Right Place

About two years ago I started a rock garden with cacti and succulents.  (The length of time from then until now is important to remember.)  The feature photo for this… Read More

What Makes Relationships Work?

I recently came across two very useful pieces of psychological research.  Admittedly, a lot of psychological studies have little relevance or practical application to everyday living, but the findings of… Read More

Wisdom Found

I just recently published an article titled “What Happened to Wisdom?”  A dear friend took the time to read and to comment at length on the article.  I greatly value… Read More

What Happened to Wisdom?

(Artwork the courtesy of Karla Jean Gallagher.  See more at,) This past weekend we attended a large party for a friend’s 75th birthday.  It was a surprise party and about… Read More

It’s a Breeze

As far back as I can remember I have always placed my bed near a window so I could enjoy the nighttime breeze.  Even as a child, I remember insisting… Read More

Two Different Searches

Years ago when my children were ages 12, 9 and 8, we took a family vacation to Disneyland in Orlando, Florida.  Rather than spend all our time there, we took… Read More