When the Rabbit Leapt

At the lake, there are dramas every day on and around the bird feeders, especially during the winter months.  In winter, the main bird visitors are chickadees, nuthatches, dark-eyed juncos,… Read More

The End of Guilt

A young man sat on a riverbank.  In a peaceful state, he was absorbed in the sounds and sights of nature surrounding him.  Suddenly he heard desperate cries for help.… Read More

Are You Grown Up?

“Why don’t you just grow up!”  Has anyone ever said this to you?  Have you ever said this to someone else?  Usually, someone says “grow up” in the context of… Read More

The Truth About Lying

Four year old Billy stealthily creeps into the kitchen.  His target: the cookie jar,              beckoning him from a few feet away in the corner… Read More

The Real Reason for Relationships

In the United States, there was an average of 6,200 marriages each day in 2019.  Last year 2.3 million couples got married.  The average cost of a wedding was $20,000. … Read More

Teaching Spirituality to Children: Part II

In Teaching Spirituality to Children: Part I, we explored the meaning of spirituality and its active expression through ceremony and storytelling.  In this post, we look at prayer, meditation, and… Read More

Simplicity Is Power: The Tattoo

A few years ago there was a very popular song by Bobby McFerrin entitled “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”  The lyrics are a litany of serious life problems most people face… Read More