Iago or Ego?

(Author’s note: this is the first of four articles about the ego, so I recommend reading this one first, then “The Most Outrageous Belief in the World,” then “Why So… Read More

Why So Much Hate?

  (Author’s note: this is the third of four articles about the ego, so I recommend you read “Iago or Ego?” first, followed by “The Most Outrageous Belief in the… Read More
White Clouds Sky and Light

Is There Hope for the World?

(Author’s note: this is the fourth in a series about the ego.) If you have read the first three articles about the ego, you might now be feeling somewhere between… Read More

Forgiveness: The Path to Peace

Forgiveness seems extremely difficult for so many people, and yet, I cannot think of a more important psychological/spiritual process for one’s well-being and happiness.  So this will be the first… Read More

An Untroubled Mind

In my previous post, “The Only Mistake You Make,” I wrote about judgment and learning to suspend judgment as a step toward relinquishing it.  Suspending judgment is equivalent to being… Read More

It’s a Breeze

As far back as I can remember I have always placed my bed near a window so I could enjoy the nighttime breeze.  Even as a child, I remember insisting… Read More

Saying Yes

There is something very specific I encourage you to become aware of on a daily basis.  How many times each day do you say “No” to life, and how often… Read More

The Invisible Man

In a preceding article, “What in the World?” I addressed the question of how this world of such cruelty could be made by a loving God and concluded with the… Read More

What in the World?

A couple of nights ago my partner and I watched “One-Eyed Jacks,”  an old western starring the youthful, remarkably handsome Marlon Brando and an astonishingly beautiful young Mexican actress named… Read More
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