It’s About Time

“As Time Goes By,” “Time is on My Side,” “Time in a Bottle,” “Feels Like the First Time,” “Time for Me to Fly,” “Praying for Time,” “If I Could Turn… Read More

Trust with a Capital T

Establishing and maintaining trust is considered a crucial component in intimate relationships.  Relationship experts argue that without trust, no relationship will thrive, and very few are likely to survive.  Breaches… Read More

Dynamic Faith

“As you sow, so shall you reap.”  I was repeatedly told this at Sunday school, confirmation, Bible school, and church. As a child, I heard this as more than just… Read More

Simplicity Is Power: The Tattoo

A few years ago there was a very popular song by Bobby McFerrin entitled “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”  The lyrics are a litany of serious life problems most people face… Read More

Iago or Ego?

(Author’s note: this is the first of four articles about the ego, so I recommend reading this one first, then “The Most Outrageous Belief in the World,” then “Why So… Read More

Why So Much Hate?

  (Author’s note: this is the third of four articles about the ego, so I recommend you read “Iago or Ego?” first, followed by “The Most Outrageous Belief in the… Read More
White Clouds Sky and Light

Is There Hope for the World?

(Author’s note: this is the fourth in a series about the ego.) If you have read the first three articles about the ego, you might now be feeling somewhere between… Read More

Forgiveness: The Path to Peace

Forgiveness seems extremely difficult for so many people, and yet, I cannot think of a more important psychological/spiritual process for one’s well-being and happiness.  So this will be the first… Read More
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