An Untroubled Mind

In my previous post, “The Only Mistake You Make,” I wrote about judgment and learning to suspend judgment as a step toward relinquishing it.  Suspending judgment is equivalent to being… Read More

The Only Mistake You Make

In today’s increasingly complex and divisive world, making decisions appears to be more difficult than ever.  There seem to be so many shades of gray, that in order to maintain… Read More

Anger–Fear Disguised?

The best way to write about anger is to begin with a story.   Years ago before I retired, I was driving in the right lane on a thoroughfare in Fargo,… Read More

Depression’s Fraternal Twin: Anxiety

In a previous article, “Depression Unveiled,” I wrote about depression–its causes, symptoms, and treatments.  Although there are different schools of thought regarding the origins of depression, there is widespread agreement… Read More

From Betrayal to Trust

In a previous article, “Totally Confused About Everything,” I wrote about crises–their potential for damaging or healing, for regressing or growing.  A betrayal of trust is one such defining moment… Read More

Totally Confused About Everything

(Artwork the courtesy of Karla Jean Gallagher.  See more at,) Have you ever had a moment when nothing made sense?  That the rug had been pulled out from under you… Read More

Depression Unveiled

I recently came across this vignette on Facebook. One day an old Cherokee chief spoke to his grandson and granddaughter.  He said, “You have two wolves battling each other inside… Read More

The Path of the Tricycle

Several years ago when I was living in Fargo, North Dakota, and frequently walking from home to work, I observed an event that I have never forgotten.  It was a… Read More

No Place on Earth

  “There is no place on earth where we can be free of ourselves.” —Charlotte Joko Beck in Nothing Special: Living Zen Occasionally, while reading a book, a particular sentence… Read More

The Twin Sisters–A Fairytale

(Artwork the courtesy of Karla Jean Gallagher.  See more at,)   Now, this is a story that happened not too long ago.  There were two sisters who were identical twins. … Read More
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